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Why We Love Emily's Wonder Lab

Fun experiments for our little scientists? Emily's got you covered!
Why We Love Emily's Wonder Lab

"Mama, can we please do another experiment?"

I hold back my sigh. Lunch needs to be made, I've got two piles of laundry waiting to be folded, her sister was begging to be held, but I know this is important.

"Sure sweetie, let me grab the beakers and baking soda." I shuffle over to the kitchen cabinet after scooping little sister into my arms.

"Yay! I'm going to be just like Emily!" My 3 year old does a happy dance and runs over to the science set in order to pull on her safety glasses. Little sister recognizes what's happening and starts dancing in my arms.

Emily Calandrelli is an amazing human being whose tenacity and love for teaching has brought Emily's Wonder Lab to life on Netflix.

In case you're wondering who Emily is, Emily Calandrelli is an amazing human being whose tenacity and love for teaching has brought Emily's Wonder Lab to life on Netflix. The show is focused on teaching the scientific method to children while showing them that science can be fun, amazing, and artistic! She provides bit sized chunks of information that is easily digestible for kiddos to internalize, reflect, and utilize in daily life.

My daughter has become obsessed with Emily since the first day I pressed 'play.' She has wanted to bring one of her hero's actions to life by doing at home experiments with her lab partner, aka me. Here are the reasons why I love this show and have zero screen guilt when my daughters watches.

Topics that are interesting for kids

Emily has done an amazing job in choosing to do experiments that are interesting to our little scientists. From spooky science, slime, oobleck, and glow in the dark paint she ensures that our children are learning about the scientific method, testing, and learning! The moment the credits rolled on the oobleck episode we were up and creating our own. My daughter explained to her dad how oobleck stayed together when compressed and slipped through your fingers without pressure.

Emily treats children like little scientists

I was in awe that my daughter had maintained the knowledge about why oobleck acted the way it did. She continued to retain so much of the knowledge that Emily shared on her show. That's when I realized that Emily is not afraid to teach them complex methods and thoughts because she believes that our children have the ability to understand, learn, and implement them. The show takes the time to break down what Emily is explaining with quick cartoons so that children are hearing and seeing what she is explaining.

Emily provides simple to replicate experiments

Do you have baking soda? Vinegar? Highlighters? What about water and cornstarch? Many of the experiments that they do are easy to replicate at home! I can tell you that from the 10 episodes that have aired we've probably done experiments from 8 of them!! What I loved even more is that they didn't require me to do a separate grocery shopping trip! Replicating the experiments and utilizing key information that Emily discussed in the episode helped reinforce the lesson to my daughter, and I'll admit I felt pretty awesome being able to recreate the lessons with her.

Emily is normalizing female scientists & working pregnant women

As we pulled up the trailer for the show I was so ecstatic to see Emily's coveralls stretched over her pregnant belly. As a mother who felt that COVID forced her hand to leaving her job it was so empowering and exhilarating to see a mama in a STEM role, living out her dream, and making such a difference in the lives of so many children. I made sure to explain to my daughters how important it is that they follow their dreams and not settle. Emily is making it 'normal' to see female scientists for our children she has also helped to make it 'normal' for moms and moms to be to work. My hope is that by the time my daughters go into the workforce they won't have to struggle as much as my generation did.