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Up and Atom!

Up and Atom!
Photo by Alex Kondratiev / Unsplash

Science, or as my daughters like to call it: Emily's Wonder Lab stuff! [If you've not seen that show yet on Netflix, I highly recommend it. It's great for kiddos to learn about the scientific process, they get to see a female scientist, AND they showcase a pregnant mama hard at work. Win, win, win.]

Anyho, science is such a fun topic that we generously explore in our home. Why? Because it's so fun to watch the excitement on little faces when they create reactions such as changing colors or fizzling water. We have boxes of cornstarch and baking soda, two galleons of vinegar, and food coloring on hand at all times.

Science also encompasses so many different disciplines, you can talk about the Earth, space, anatomy, animal species, chemical reactions, food, the weather, the list goes on and on. What's even better is science incorporates other subjects, reading, math, art, and geography! You can find a topic to explore and fine tune it to your little learner's preferences!

Science Books!

We love books that provide insight into topics we're curious about or give us ideas for our next experiments!

Look I'm a Scientist

Book cover of Look I'm a ScientistFrom an iceberg animal rescue to stretchy slime and a science wizard potion. Kids can pour it, mix it, feel it, and more, as each sensory-friendly activity becomes an ever-so-exciting science experiment. This book has 14 fun experiments and the pages won't get ruined if an experiment goes a little awry.

Baby Loves Scientists

Book cover of Baby Loves ScientistsScientists in general are identified as those who "study, learn, and solve problems." Such basic language not only benefits youngsters, but also offers adults sharing the book easy vocabulary with which to expand on conversations with kids about the professions.

Cece Loves Science

Book cover of Cece Loves ScienceThis picture book is perfect for fans of Ada Twist, Scientist, and anyone who enjoys asking questions. 

We have a MASSIVE list of science books here. You can also find our Bookshop shop here, there are more book lists to explore other topics.


I wanted to find you some out of the box activities, ones that aren't always posted about (like volcano fizzes, oobleck, etc). Here's hoping you enjoy these as much as we have!

  • Stalactite and Stalagmite formations - watching these formations grow and change brings so much excitement from the moment we wake up!
  • Invisible Ink Writing/Drawings - since my own kiddos don't know how to write just yet we do fun invisible drawings!
  • Bucket Spinning - I'll be honest my oldest was doing this long before she and I realized it was an actual experiment that depicted Newton's first law of motion!
  • Bending Straws - Optical illusions are so fun and have my kiddos asking so many questions. I can't always answer them so we'll look up the reasons together which equals more time together.

This Week's Favorite Activities

Who doesn't love the sound of wooden blocks falling and the subsequent 'whee' from your little one? Building castles, towers, and any other structure their heart desires is so easy to do with these blocks from HABA. I've seen other brands, we've played with other brands pre-pandemic when we went to play dates or at indoor play areas and the HABA ones seem to stand the test of time much better than others.

Pictured here is our youngest the day after her birthday, she declared herself strong enough to drag the bag to the carpet and dump out the blocks. In the end she needed a bit of help but it was a great moment to see her so determined to spend some time creating.

young girl in blue pants and white shirt sitting on floor with wooden blocks around and a soft yellow basket