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Them Bones

Them Bones
Photo by Ben White / Unsplash

One morning my eldest daughter told her dad "You know dad I don't have one of those like you do." She had been waiting for him to get dressed so they could go downstairs and she gestured to a certain part of his anatomy. He calmly responded "Nope, you are a girl and I'm a boy, we have different parts. You have a vagina and I have a penis." My daughter looked at him for a moment and then said "Well, we both have knees!" She then walked away to come and wake me up.

I could not stop laughing when my husband relayed this story to me. Rather than focusing on their differences, my daughter brought up their similarities. Naturally we continued speaking about body parts and worked with little sister, who's 2, to name each part of their bodies. As we laid down to sleep that night the eldest proudly stated "Dad and I both have 10 toes." With that she fell asleep.

Ensuring our little ones know the names of their body parts is importance and helpful. How?

  • Kids can name what part of their body is sore or hurting
  • Kids who know the names and parts of their body can better understand where their body is in the world and can manipulate their movements better. They understand that their feet & legs help them jump, their hands & arms help them grab, etc.
  • Kids who know the proper names and parts of their body can accurately report if someone has inappropriately touched their private parts.


Surprise! This topic has so many wonderful song that we couldn't help but share them with you! Here's hoping your little learner will enjoy dancing, grooving, and learning!


There are so many books about body parts and bodily functions, but we've listed our absolute favorites for you to see here:

Hello, World! My Body

Book cover of Hello, World! My BodyHello, World is a series designed to introduce first nonfiction concepts to babies and toddlers. This board book teaches toddlers all about the human body, with shapes, sizes, colors, and super-simple facts. 

Horns to Toes

Book cover of Horns to ToesSerious silliness for all ages. This book names body parts we all have....and some that fuzzy monsters may own.

Human Body Activity Book for Kids

Book cover of Human Body Activity Book for KidsFrom eyes and ears to skin and bones, there's a lot to discover about the human body for kids! While it is recommended for ages 4-8 I've utilized this book with my 2 year old as it has wonderful pictures and descriptions of body parts for a naturally curious kiddo! 

Please feel free to check out our many book recommendations (for both parents and kiddos) on Bookshop. [Did you know bookshop helps bookstores in your local areas? One of the many reasons we love partnering with them.]


There are so many activities about body parts, but I've narrowed it down to three of our favorites!

  • There's a sticker on my/your.... - this activity is very simple, just be ok with a bit of a sticker mess at the end. Either you or your little one can do this, simply grab a sticker and place it on a body part then announce, there's a sticker on my nose! Or ask your little learner to put a sticker on their nose, head, arm, etc.
  • Simon Says - an oldie but goodie! You and your little learner can take turns with commands that are focused on body parts. "Simon says point to your tummy, Simon says shake your foot."
  • Create your own face - for those kiddos who love play doh (like mine), I drew an outline of a face on a sheet of paper, in various skin tones, and helped my girls create eyes, noses, ears, etc. They had fun putting each part on the 'right' spot and even made some faces that Picasso would envy!

This Week's Favorite Activity

We typically get two deliveries of produce a week. The girls love their fruits and veggies, but their most favorite part of each delivery is helping me clean produce. On the days where the sink isn't cleared (aka I didn't get to all the dishes) we'll use a two big mixing bowls, one that contains that vinegar/water mixture and another that contains just plain water to rinse.

This is just another way that I'm trying to include my kids in daily chores and help them realize how much they can help. It also gives us a chance to talk about the different ways each item grows (on trees, in the ground, on a bush), or do a color find with my youngest.

Once each item has been washed and rinsed the girls will lay them out on a towel to dry and we'll talk about where to store each item. Usually berries and apples will mysteriously disappear during this exercise, hence the need for two deliveries, but they love 'working' and helping organize the foods we'll eat throughout the week.