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Printable, Printable, on the Web...

Printable, Printable, on the Web...
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Let's talk about printables! As you start looking into activities to do at home many of your searches will come up with suggestions for printables. For you seasoned pros skip below to some of our fav printable recommendations!

So what is a printable? How do you use printables? Printables are activities, lessons, or coloring pages you can print and utilize in your home right away. Many are free, some require that you sign up for a newsletter, and there are others you pay for on sites like TPT or Etsy.


These are some printables from our favorite sites:

Night Time Books

Bedtime can sometimes be a hassle in our home, but the second we say 'story time' everyone is ready to snuggle up and listen to a great story. Here are our current favorites!

I Am So Brave
Book cover of I Am So Brave Our eldest tries to get out of bedtime by saying "I'm sacred of the dark." So I pull out this book to remind her that she's just as brave as the main character.
Are You a Cow?
Book cover of Are You a Cow? Caution: This book will cause giggles. My girls love answering "No!" after each question and the message at the end is so sweet.
Good Night Little Blue Truck
Book cover of Good Night Little Blue Truck Our eldest daughter loves anything to do with vehicles. Little Blue Truck was an instant favorite and when I found they had a bed time version I immediately ordered it. We read it nightly without fail.

Want more suggestions? Check out our Favorite Bedtime Books list.


Simple to do activities!

  • Ice Cube Painting - depending on the season you could fill your trays and set them outside to freeze or simply use your freezer!
  • Puzzles - fun puzzles can keep kiddos entertained for a long time!
  • Water & Flour Mix - give your little chefs some extra bowls, spoons, and rolling pins to extend their fun. (This activity should be done in an area that's easy to clean and I recommend having extra wash cloths on hand!)
  • Cardboard Box Ramp - got a car lover? Creating their own ramps will bring them so much joy! Remember cars are a fun activity for all, regardless of gender or gender identity!

This Week's Favorite Activity

We got a new set of scoopers and both girls wanted to work on sorting and scooping various objects. I grabbed some pom poms for the youngest and chickpeas and beans for big sister. Ultimately they shared their sorting items and used the ice cube tray and muffin tin together!

It was great to see them utilize different methods of filling up each tray. Because youngest still enjoys putting items in her mouth I had to be extra vigilant during this activity. Please make sure you're always keeping an eye on your little ones no matter the activity to ensure everyone stays safe!

Happy learning and growing!