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Making Mornings a Little More Awesome!

Making Mornings a Little More Awesome!
Photo by Karolina Kołodziejczak / Unsplash

I know what you're thinking. How could you possibly make mornings more amazing than they already are? Two words: Morning Basket.

What is this magical ingredient for a captivating morning? A morning basket consists of a container (or basket if you have one) that holds objects such as books, play dough or clay, math manipulatives, or seasonal items! A morning basket can be placed at the kitchen table or in a prominent spot in your learning room. Make it a surprise and don't tell your little ones about the basket, let them find it on their own and then tackle the contents together! You can change the materials as you see fit, but it doesn't have to be done daily or even weekly. It can be changed whenever the books are finished, their interests change, or as the seasons move on. These two great sites talk more about morning baskets and give you additional ideas!

A gentle reminder, even if you are not homeschooling, this is an engaging and fun activity you can implement in your home with ease. Remember, learning should be fun and it can all happen in your home!

Great Reads for the Morning

Here are some lovely reads you can put in your morning basket or read at any time during your day!

The Boy with Big, Big Feelings

Book cover of The Boy with Big, Big FeelingsThe boy tries to cope by stuffing down his feelings, but with a little help and artistic inspiration, the boy realizes his feelings are something to be celebrated.

National Geographic Kids My First Atlas of the World

Book cover of National Geographic Kids My First Atlas of the WorldSimple, colorful maps, bold pictures, and accessible text present basic geography, continent by continent, to spark kids' curiosity about the planet we inhabit. They'll learn elementary mapping skills and concepts such as the difference between a globe and a map. 

Poetry for Kids: Robert Frost

Book cover of Poetry for Kids: Robert FrostThis collection is the perfect introduction for young readers. In addition to a carefully chosen line-up of poems, Poetry for Kids: Robert Frost also includes commentary and definitions of key words for each poem, and an introduction to Frost's life.

Want more recommendations? Please check out our Favorite Morning Reads!


Contact paper can provide non stop fun with one roll! It's easily found at many stores or online and the uses it can provide are endless. Here are a few of our top favorite activities using contact paper:

  • Walk on contact paper - tape the paper down with sticky side up and allow your little learner free reign!
  • Contact Paper Butterfly - draw an outline of a butterfly and let your kid decorate to their heart's desire. If you'd like some inspiration check out this article.
  • Sorting Shapes - a fun activity that can keep your kiddo entertained for a long time. Happy Tot Shelf has a great article on it.

This Week's Favorite Activity

We've been on the topic of shapes! I found these adorable printables that matched our multi-colored popsicle sticks and let my little learner recreate the shapes to her heart's content!

Happy learning and growing!