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Getting Outside

Getting Outside
Photo by Debby Hudson / Unsplash

You may or may not love the great outdoors, but there's a chance your kiddo does! Especially when the weather is lovely and the sun is shining.

Quick Note: These ideas and recommendations are for Spring/Summer time. If it's currently Fall or Winter, just bookmark it for later and let these ideas bring you warm and fuzzy thoughts of Spring & Summer!

Your Kid's New Favorite Outdoor Items

Here are items that your little one will enjoy for a very, very long time! You'll notice we didn't list a swing/slide set because we recognize not everyone has the space & you can always visit a park to enjoy them.

  • Splash Pad - your little one will love being able to run through their own mini splash park and you can join in to cool off!
  • Sidewalk Chalk - let your little artist create amazing work while you watch and catch some rays!
  • Gardening Tools - this is a great hobby to do with your little ones, regardless of whether or not either of you have a green thumb. Playing in dirt, finding worms, watching seeds grow will bring such joy to your kiddo.
  • Mud Kitchen or Sand/Water Table - I'm sure you can agree that your little one would jump at the chance to play with mud, sand, or water. Having a dedicated table or space will hopefully keep the mess to one area.

Your New Favorite Books for the Outdoors

Let's Play Outdoors!

Book cover of Let's Play Outdoors!A book that encourages children to go and play outside and discover what nature has to offer. Leave the house and roam into the nature: It is a fascinating place, waiting to be conquered by little ones with curious minds.

Brave Little Camper

Book cover of Brave Little CamperExplore nighttime in the forest with Little Camper and adorable woodland friends. Gather around the campfire and join the crew on another brave adventure as Little Camper spends the night in the forest for the very first time.

Finding Wild

Book cover of Finding WildTwo kids set off on an adventure away from their urban home and discover all the beauty of the natural world. From the bark on the trees to the sudden storm that moves across the sky to fire and flowers, and snowflakes and fresh fruit. 

Want more suggestions? Check out this list!

Simple Outdoor Activities

Are you in need of more activities to keep your little ones entertained outdoors? Here are some great ideas that make your kid's outside time even more exciting!

  • Build a bee/bug hotel - we all know how important bees and bugs are! Your little one will enjoy creating a simple and safe resting spot for their crawly friends to take a rest.
  • Nature Rubbings - this is a great way to show your little artist that art can be done anywhere
  • Shadow Drawings - shadow drawings meld together art and science as you can explain how the sun casts shadows and they'll move throughout the day!
  • Outdoor Obstacle Course - you don't need to purchase items to make a great obstacle course (unless of course you want to). Your little one will enjoy burning up all their energy and you'll hopefully enjoy their early bedtime!
  • Weather Graphing - another way to encourage your little scientist! Keep track of the weather with this lovely graph.

This Week's Favorite Activity

young girl pointing at a hexagonal cube tray with a cup of yellow paint and a pipette on a table

One of our topics this month is bees! I love teaching why we need bees, how they create honey, and thrive on teamwork. This honey activity helped teach how hard bees work to fill in every cell in their hive.

I found a lovely silicone hexagon ice cube tray and mixed yellow tempura paint with water, handed my little learner a pipette and let her get to work!

Happy learning and growing!