About this site

My laptop is balanced on my lap as my oldest is hanging onto my shoulder and my youngest is sitting next to me stuffing PJs, toys, and anything else she can find into a toy carrier.

This is life for me.

My name is Jaki and I am a mom of two girls trying to balance the nuances of life, parenting, and working with my partner. He and I want to raise resilient and caring kiddos who understand the importance of kidness, nature, reading, science, and math.

I created Pinetree HQ to share some of my learnings with others. We all know parenting is not a solo job, there's no shame in admitting we need help. I never have all the answers and I figure if I'm searching for help I could help others too!

If you have suggestions for a posting please feel free to reach out. Our learning and living philosophy is a mix of everything. I hope you enjoy our adventures.